Professional Home Staging
In North Atlanta, GA

We do in-depth market research to help target the ideal buyer and get the best value for the property. Each project plan is tailored to the unique property and our warehouse is stocked full of furniture and home decor to assist with your selling success.

Why Hire The Staging Guy To Help Sell Your Property?

Our professionally trained staff works with homeowners, realtors, and landlords to show off the property’s potential by:

  1. Doing in-depth research on the neighborhoods.
  2. Keeping up with interior design trends and what people are buying.
  3. Identifying the targeted buyer demographic for that particular area
  4. Using interior design to show buyers the potential of the space.
  5. Creating the best first impression to help secure a quick and successful sale.

90% of Buyers
have difficulty visualizing how to use empty space.1

Staged homes can sell for more than
6% less
above asking price.2

Staged homes spend an average of
73% less
time on the market.3

About The Staging Guy

Since 2009, our acclaimed local master staging professional, Richard Kline, and Jeff Arnold, with his years of experience in the real estate industry, have staged hundreds of residential and commercial properties.

We work throughout the Atlanta Metro area on residential homes, senior living homes, offices, and more. We’ve done staging for executive offices, mid-level and luxury homes, and condos — if you need professional staging done in the metro area, we’ll meet you there.

I’m a Realtor and Richard undertook various staging assessments for my clients in 2016. All have been very happy, including a very picky colleague I referred him to, whose comment was “he’s freaking awesome”! Thank you for your always excellent work, Richard.

– Clive H., Realtor

teal modern chair

Richard did a magnificent job staging our home when we put it on the market. The house was extremely unique and quite unlike anything in the neighborhood, both aesthetically and with price point. Because of this, I know for a fact we would not have sold it as quickly, had it not been beautifully staged.

– Emily B., Homeowner

cta staged living room

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