The Staging GuyOne of our talented stagers will come out to your home and, going room-by-room, create a detailed plan that indicates what needs to be done to maximize its value. It could be something simple, like moving a chair, to something more complex like decluttering, repositioning furniture and artwork, or helping to identify a paint color that will show better for prospective buyers. The detailed report is then sent to the client, normally within 24 to 48 hours of the visit. If the client would like help with the identified task list, we are happy to provide a bid to handle the tasks.

We do offer services to help supplement the client’s current furnishings with such items as artwork, accessories, or furniture from our inventory. Our team also has connections with other trades, so if minor repairs, fixture replacement, painting, etc. are needed, we can recommend people to help with those tasks as well.


The Staging GuyMore than 90% of buyers have difficulty figuring out how to utilize empty space.  Would a queen bed fit there?  Where would I setup the dining area?  Is this room big enough for a sofa and a chair?, are questions commonly asked by buyers when touring vacant properties. Empty houses also showcase every little element that is wrong with it. Our objective is to highlight the positives of the property while minimizing any negatives. The goal is to have buyers to feel an emotional connection when touring the property — not wonder if something will fit in a room or notice that the room is an odd shape.

We carry our own inventory of home furnishings, décor, and artwork. Our expert stager will assess the demographic of the neighborhood to identify the best style of furnishings and artwork to use that will appeal to that particular group. We do not do cookie-cutter staging.  You are making an investment to get top dollar for your property and the staging should reflect that investment, not the bland, standard rental-grade items that typically go into corporate housing.

Interior Design

The Staging GuyOur very talented staff is available for your interior design tasks. If you are looking for ideas on freshening up your house or perhaps seeking new furnishings or artwork, we have resources available to attain that perfect look.  Whether it’s a kitchen makeover or an updated bathroom, we can help with selecting tile, flooring, or cabinet choices as well.


Commercial Staging

The Staging GuyMost of our commercial work has been with local independent senior-living facilities and their model apartments. It is amazing how the occupancy rates have increased when showing model apartments that are professionally staged and not just haphazardly throwing some furnishings into a space that makes it either look too small or too sparse.

We also focus on the area of model homes.  As in other vacant properties, buyers have a difficult time relating to an empty space and often wonder how it would be used. Treating commercial buildings the same way we treat residential houses will result in  much faster sales or rentals.  It’s all about getting people emotionally connected.


Real Estate

The Staging GuyOur co-founder, Jeff Arnold, is a licensed real estate agent with Private Label Realty here in Austin. He is a seasoned veteran of the real estate world; his niche is helping seniors with their specialized real estate needs. If you are already working with a real estate agent, we will connect with them to make sure everyone is kept in the loop regarding the staging effort. If you are not currently working with an agent, Jeff will be happy to come visit your home and give you an idea of the value of the property. No charges for that consultation.