International Association of Home Staging Professionals 2014-2015 Stager of the Year, Central

  • Consultation

    As selling your house quickly is the ultimate goal, The Staging Guy surveys and photographs every room, identifying where the hits and misses are. We find the stumbling blocks keeping your house from looking its selling best! Remember, you're not selling your home, you're selling a house! Using that survey and photos, we prepare the Home Staging Report including home staging ideas and home staging tips. The Report is comprehensive; providing a must-do list with next step tasks. Our goal is to get your house sold quickly! That is the goal of your home staging professional.

    Occupied and Vacant

    With the Home Staging Report as a guide, our Team can help you to address the misses both inside and outside your home. The Staging Guy will provide a proposal for what needs to be done and how we can help. If you agree and you need our help, we'll get started to transform your home into a house that sells! We can use your furniture and accessories, our furniture and accessories or a combination of both to get the job done. We can even put you in contact with the right professionals to complete any repairs or modifications you need. It's that simple- The Staging Guy can do as little or as much as you like.

    Design for Living

    Are you living in your home and need an impartial eye planning and placing your environment? Is your living space confusing and stressful to you and those living in the home? The Staging Guy can provide you with the experience and service you need to make your space a functional and harmonious environment without the high cost and attitude of high-priced design services catering to their preferences, not yours. Take what you learn from The Staging Guy, and understand how you can work with other spaces in your home.


    Have you ever felt that clutter and chaos is taking over your home? Understand what your space really is and ask The Staging Guy to turn your space into a workable pleasure. Closets, offices, garages or whatever space is causing you stress can be transformed to a welcoming area. Understanding the unique needs of seniors and their families, The Staging Guy compassionately takes on the job of de-cluttering and organizing a memory-filled home, reducing your stress during this emotionally charged time. This is another valuable service from The Staging Guy.

  • Richard,
    What a difference it makes to work with a Professional! We particularly appreciate your detailed Home Assessment... Everything you wrote or said will have a significant impact and make a big difference! You are a great resource to us AND our clients and we will consider you part of the Team. We’ve finally found the right professional...we will be using you for every listing we get.
    Rick, Prominent Austin Realtor

    Thank you for your help today in selecting colors for our house! We didn't know how much information we needed to make choices.... You really opened our eyes to what we needed to consider. You have a great gift for colors and color schemes, and I know that there are many other people out there, like us, who just have no clue as to what colors to paint the house.

    The place looks awesome! It's under contract. You must have the magic touch.
    Ami D., Austin Realtor

    Jeff and I wanted to express to you how much of a difference your staging made in preparing our home for the market. After living in the home for 7 years, we were used to the look and feel of the home, without fully appreciating how a few touches in just about every room in the house could make such a huge difference in making the home appealing to a much wider audience. We have no doubt that getting an offer in just 24 hours is in large part due to your expert staging! Thank you so much!
    Stuart and Jeff

    I implemented as many of your suggestions as I could. My Realtor did a couple of "sneak previews" for some realtors and their clients. Then he put a "Coming Soon" sign in my yard and had a pre-MLS Open House last Saturday, and we sold it! Your suggestions were invaluable, and you were a dream to work with. Thanks for all your help!

    Forest Trail looks amazing! Wow….I’m so impressed you were able to move so quickly on this project and get so much done in a short amount of time!
    Shannon W., Member of Elite 25 past 15 years (top 1% agents in Austin area)